Now Offering Music Classes in Evanston! (Classes can be joined at any time with a prorated fee)

Heartmann House

Equal parts socialization, education, and entertainment, Miss Aimee’s adult/child music classes are a fun way to unplug and connect with your children, friends, and neighbors. Classes are 50 minutes, with the first 5 minutes for arrival and freeplay. The remaining 45 minutes are a structured circle time for adults and children to enjoy together.

Through a variety of small and large motor activities (set to amazing live music) classes foster coordination, language development, social skills, community, and a sense of accomplishment. There are many fun props to go along with different portions of the class, which provides structure and helps kids stay engaged. Shakers, animal puppets, drums, a play parachute, bubbles, dancing ribbons, pompoms, and more will make the rotation from week to week. 


Heartmann House

225 Hamilton

Evanston IL 60202

Class Info:

  • Classes are 8 weeks, 50 minutes
  • Recommended for children 5 and under
  • Siblings under 6 months old are free
  • Class sizes limited to 10 children

New Session Starting!


Monday Mornings

3/25 - 5/20

no class 4/22


9:30 - 10:20

10:45 - 11:35